Remington RM1425 Review

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The Remington RM1425 is a corded electric chainsaw that has a 14-inch low kickback bar and chain that comes with a motor powered with 8 amps. This makes it ideal for any of your limbing and trimming task and for cutting smaller trees.

Remington RM1425

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This chainsaw has a dry weight of only 6.25 pounds. This makes it easier for the user to control and maneuver without having to break a sweat.


The Remington RM1425 comes with a push button oiler that allows you to add just the right amount of oil to your engine, along with an oil reservoir that makes it relatively easy to view your oil levels. This unit also has an external chain tension adjuster that enables easier tensioning, plus a knob handle for any horizontal cutting or trimming.

This chainsaw has a few safety features like the right-hand guard and reduced kickback bar and chain.


There have been several reported cases of chain oil leaks. There are also reports of difficulties in adjusting the chain tension since it can become too stiff or too wobbly.

The Remington RM1425 has the basic necessities, but is considered to be more practical since this chainsaw is quite budget friendly. Similar to most smaller chainsaws, this unit is also not meant for cutting heavier wood.

  • Pros: True budget option. Push-button oiler. Comes full assembled. 
  • Cons: Reports of issues with the oiler. 


For a neophyte chainsaw user, this is probably the most ideal chainsaw to start with. If you are looking to start working with chainsaws, the Remington RM 1425 Limb N’ Trim is affordable, requires little maintenance, and is ready for your use when you receive it. It has all the basic features of a chainsaw, and is beyond practical for the average household, especially when it comes to your limbing and trimming needs and for cutting smaller trees.

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