Greenworks 20222 Review

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GreenWorks is a somewhat newer power tool company and was founded in 2007; They only started offering corded and battery powered tools in 2010 and 2011 respectively.

Nevertheless, this company has offered a number of solid power tools, including chainsaws. Their tools are most noted for their lower price tag, appealing to those who do not want to spend a lot of money. 

GreenWorks 20222 Chainsaw

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Like other battery powered options, the GreenWorks 20222 is best suited for small projects like clearing debris, as well as trimming and pruning smaller trees. It has a 14-inch bar and and reduced kickback chain powered by a 9 amp electric motor. All of this while only weighing in at 10.4 lbs.


This model features a wrap-around handle that allows the user to be comfortable while operating from several angles. The brushless motor design makes it even easier to operate with 70% less vibration.

Another added feature is the automatic chain tensioning. Moreover, an automatic oiler function is also added to the mix and it provides adequate lubrication to the unit for hassle-free cutting performance.

Customers note that the GreenWorks manual is one of the best among an array of usually poorly written instructions. They contain very specific and detailed instructions and diagrams on how to assemble, troubleshoot, and maintain your chainsaw.


One major issue that customers note is associated with the amount of oil that’s released; The chainsaw is noted for dispensing the oil quite copiously. As a result the operator might need to check the oil level frequently.

In addition to the oil dispensing problem, several people have noted that the chain can tend to fall off, or needs to be re-tightened after each cut.

  • Pros: Long lasting 4.0aH battery. 16 inch guide bar. Brushless motor design.
  • Cons: Customers note issues with oiler and chain falling off.

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