How to Measure a Chainsaw Bar

The body or casing of the chainsaw holds the 2-stroke (gas) or 3 phase AC motor (electric) and a multitude of other parts. However, the more important parts are the ones that protrude for cutting: the bar and the chain. It’s important to note that not every bar or chain will work for every saw. … Read more

Parts of a Chainsaw: Glossary

Chainsaws are a very useful tool that many people own, but few people know the parts that they’re comprised of. Most of us assume that knowing the parts that make up the machine is unnecessary knowledge. Some people may not have time to study a complex piece of machinery, but we’d say it’s well worth … Read more

What is Chainsaw Kickback? How it Happens and How to Avoid it

The sudden upward movement of the guide bar of a chainsaw is known as chainsaw kickback. Chainsaw kickback is a common cause of chainsaw accidents and injuries. That’s where proper cutting techniques become important. If the proper technique isn’t followed, lightening-fast chainsaw kickbacks can result in serious injuries to the operator. There are two common situations where … Read more

Different Types of Chainsaw Chains

While there are several types of chainsaws available, did you know there are also different types of chains as well? Each type of chain can handle certain projects better than others due to being engineered for a particular cutting purpose. Let’s take a look at what makes these chains different. The main differences in chainsaw chain … Read more