Black & Decker LCS1020 Review

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The Black & Decker Company has been in the market of designing and engineering different models of chainsaws for several years. They have remained a leading competitor in the production of easy-to-use, portable, convenient, and efficient electric chainsaws.

Black & Decker LCS1020

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The Black and Decker LCS1020 is a lightweight battery operated chainsaw that comes with a 10 inch Oregon bar and reduced kickback chain. The 20V MAX lithium battery ensures a longer run time and longer battery life. Black and Decker notes that it stays charged for five times longer than chainsaws of the same kind. The battery is also compatible with other Black and Decker power tools.


This unit is easy to control and maneuver because of its dry weight of only 7.2 pounds. It is also engineered to include a tool-free chain tension system for faster adjustment of your chain.

Since this chainsaw is battery operated, you’re not restricted or tethered to an outlet. The battery it uses is also a bonus as the 20V lithium-ion battery is generally more powerful than other battery-powered chainsaws. This is because lithium-ion has the highest energy density among all batteries.

The unit also comes with an oil window and an oil lubrication system for the guide bar and chain.


Despite the lack of extension cord, this battery powered chainsaw is still not meant for heavy duty cutting. Generally speaking, battery powered chainsaws are limited to light limbing, pruning, and felling smaller trees.

Battery operated chainsaws run on a limited power source and if you need to do 100+ cuts then you’ll need multiple batteries.

  • Pros: Trusted power tool brand. Best for smaller trees and limbs. 
  • Cons: Several customers have noted issues with the chain lubrication system. 


If you need a lightweight, low maintenance, battery powered chainsaw then the LCS1020 might be ideal.

However, you have to remember that all battery powered saws will eventually run out of charge. It’s best practice to either invest in more batteries or to understand that this is a limiting factor.

Nonetheless, the Black and Decker LCS1020 Chainsaw is still one of the highest rating battery operated chainsaw on the market today and is perfect for any light cutting that you may need to do.

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