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As a person who has done a number of DIY projects, I know how intimidating power tools can be; Especially chainsaws and tools that feature a blade moving at a high rate of speed. SawFAQ hopes to provide thorough guides and reviews that can help you approach your next project with confidence.

My father bought me my first chainsaw when I was rather young. Over time I’ve continued to buy a number of saws for a variety of purposes. Whether it’s my Husqvarna for felling larger trees or my Ryobi pole saw for pruning branches. These tools have continued to serve me well over the years because I know how to take care of my equipment and the factors to consider when making a purchase decision.

Pictured to the right is my collection of saws.

When it comes to product reviews, we take an exhaustive approach. We use our expert experience and analyze market trends, user reviews, and product specifications in order to recommend the best in class options. Needless to say, when you buy a better tool and you learn how to take care of it, it can last you a lifetime.

My Collection of Saws.

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